Let’s craft your new Lifestyle.


I’m more than a Nutrition Consultant — I guide individuals with deep pains and frustrations, towards a lifestyle of improved Health and Wellness.

My proven approach provides an intuitive understanding of your metabolic health and have tailored strategies in place, for you to sustain progression for a better quality of Life.


How can I help you?

Help reverse my Type 2 Diabetes 

If you are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, or Pre-Diabetes, let's begin working on reversing this lifestyle disease.

Help me lower my BMI (or BF%)

Some Health treatments are only granted if you are within a particular BMI (BF%) threshold. Let's get working.

Help me lower my Blood Pressure

If you are diagnosed with Hypertension , let's begin working on getting your levels safely down.

Help manage my Type 1 Diabetes

If your Blood Glucose levels are like a rollercoaster, let's begin working on stabilsiing them and keep them in optimal range.

Put my PCOS in remission 

A real nightmare for many Women, as PCOS affects fertility as well as metabolic health. Lets begin working on reducing this.

Help me improve my Cholesterol

High Cholesterol isn't the whole story. Let's begin working on improving your Triglycerides, Chol/HDL and Trig/HDL ratios.

Help me improve my Energy levels

Poor sleep quality, will certainly impact your Energy levels. Let's start working boosting your Energy with a cleaner Fuel.

Help me reduce my joint Pains

Many pains and inflamed joints are an intolerance to certain foods. Let's begin working on getting you pain-free.


"I have concluded that Tommy Le is one of the best Nutritional advisors around in this field. His knowledge is well-researched and appropriately backed by proven scientific studies."

Nadia Elliott

Former Fitness Instructor


First, we talk.

Upon our consultation, we'll start with an honest chat about you, your Goals and your struggles. From there, we can highlight which directions you need and what tools can help you get to your goals.  

Then, we plan.

Together, we can customise and tailor an approach that is unique to you and your personal preferences, and formulate a map of where you are at present, and how to get to your health destination.  

Then, we work.

Once we have finished planning out the structure of your personalised plan, and have put into place the tools you will need to succeed, then we officially commence your lifestyle change.


Hi, I’m Tommy Le.

A fully-qualified Nutritional Health Practitioner, with over 22,000 followers across Social Media, and an impressive 5* track record for resolving people's health across the world.

"Over the past 3 years, I have helped hundreds of clients across six countries, to optimize their Health. You are absolutely in the right place, so let's begin."

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